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31 Mar 2017
Concrete pumps help in transferring the liquid concrete. These are used in large construction sites where you cannot just rely on manpower for the accomplishment of large projects.

Concrete is massive and viscid, that contains pieces of hard rock; it solidifies if not moved at regular intervals. Until the last century, the concrete was mixed in cement mixture and transferred to construction sites either through wheelbarrows or by buckets lifted by cranes. This whole process, as it seems, was very time consuming and laborious. Putzmeister concrete pumps accelerate construction and mitigate labor. 

Setting up Concrete pumps is productive here's why:

  • Quick Setup: Truck mounted pumps can be established quickly and can be used for many years. Very user-friendly and effortless to handle, these also require lesser space. This heavy body cost effective pumps are a perfect solution for sites which are very high or far as regards the movement of concrete. Concrete pumps are a diligent investment as they help in completing construction jobs faster and give superior results as well. 
  • Fastens construction: Concrete pumps speed up the whole process of construction. Concrete is the basic need of any construction. Erecting a building depends on the supply of concrete at the mason's end. Concrete pump hustles up the supply hence helps in accomplishing larger projects at a faster rate. These are very useful in major projects where the workload is immense and time is limited. 
  • Economical and consistent: These pumps work very productively and are very easy to handle resulting in a reasonable operating outlay. The icing on the cake is they seldom need servicing and maintenance, hence are more credible on the work front. These heavy load machines grow up with the structure making them appropriate for high structured construction. This gives them a functional consistency as their operations remain unhindered with the growing height of any construction.
  • Works under high pressure: A concrete pump is accessorised appropriately to work under high pressure. Pumping a concrete upwards to extreme heights requires a correspondingly high pressure, as there is a chance of return flow which results in a counteract energy. To withstand this reverse energy flow a powerful engine or motor is necessary. Concrete pumpers have super powerful motors to withstand these humongous forces. These concrete pumpers are compatible enough to combat long periods of intensive usage.
  • Compatible to different grades of concrete: Every country has a different composition of concrete which is peculiar to its land and weather conditions, these pumps are designed with the mechanics to deal with different concretes. The Putzmeister concrete pumps are ingeniously designed to pump different grades of concretes. All parts of these pumps work in perfect harmony to accelerate productivity even with changing standards of concrete.
A day on a construction site is nerve wrecking, so the equipment involved on the site should be designed with a prospect of alleviating stress to the maximum. In consequence of the same, the concrete pumps designed by Putzmeister focus on mitigating stressful hard work. These heavy-load concrete pumping machines not only engineer skyscrapers and bridges but also concoct profits.


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