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08 Mar 2017
With so many high schools being advertised as the best academic high school, it might seem a bit confusing to zero in on one. Further, if your choice turns out to be wrong later, it may affect the academic development and consequently, the future of your child. Hence, it is important to consider all possible points while choosing a high-school for your teenage child. 

Here are a few tips to help you do this:

Consider your child’s opinion: 

Ask your child about what kind of facilities, faculty and atmosphere does he or she expect in his/her new school. Was there anything in their last school that they would really like to have it in their secondary school as well? Or the opposite of this? Do not choose a school first and then inform your child about the choice you have made. Instead, select a few schools, have your child walk through the courses available, facilities, a profile of teachers and life as a student in each school. Discuss all these points and then make a decision.

Ask around: 

Parents are generally pretty cautious and concerned about how well their children are doing both academically and in terms of other activities as well. So, get in touch with parents whose children are already studying in high schools and see what they have to say about the schools you have selected.

Visit the school: 

Take a tour of each high-school you have shortlisted. Talk to the students as they are usually honest when it comes to sharing a feedback. Check the classrooms. Talk to the teachers as well. Find out if they are enthusiastic about what they do or do they work according to come teach leave style of teaching. Also, is there a strictly regimented atmosphere or a relaxed environment where students are allowed to make mistakes and learn from those? Which atmosphere suits your child’s personality better? These are a few factors you must check when you visit the school along with your child.


Ideally, schools located in nearby areas should be on top of your list. Unless there’s a necessity in terms of availability, of course, affordability, facilities etc; the nearer the school is, the better for your child. As explained on, “buses, trains and other travel add time to the day, plus broadening the area for which your child will make friends, potentially making fostering friendships a big commitment on weekends when you are the driver.”


Interactive whiteboards, provision of tablets or laptops, online assignments, biometric attendance system and online portals for parents to check their child’s progress; these are some of the ways emerging technology is integrated into the school and classroom setting. Check if these facilities are there.


Private high schools charge tuition fee and there may be additional expenses at times. It is important to consider your budget and then decide whether a private or a public high-school should be chosen or the best academic high school in new york.

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