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13 Feb 2017
You would have grown up watching holsters in movies. In fact, you could still be watching them in action movies today. Be it a Bond movie or a cop flick, you will find the protagonist and the villains battle it out with their gun game. Not just movies, we have all played the police and thief role plays with fake guns. 

The familiarity with guns and holsters start from a young age. If not for hands on experience, we at least know enough about the features of a gun and its applications. Guns are dangerous and one needs to have a permit to own one as it could be harmful to others. It could cause panic if used wrongfully and in certain cases even cause death due to impulse or anger. 

However, considering the amount of safety and security issues we face, guns are a wise safety option. Women, especially, need to hold some form of weapons with them in order to avoid any kind of incidents of abuse or harassment. 
For women, holsters are not an option as their clothing does not permit them to hold a holster. However, there are concealed gun purses that they can make use of. Holsters play a huge role in the safety of the person carrying it. If you do not use a holster, you could accidently pull the trigger which might lead to serious injury. 

In earlier times, holsters were pretty evident. These days, concealable forms are manufactured so that no one is aware of weapon possession. They are smartly designed to access the weapon with just one hand. A majority of holsters are made for the waist but there are shoulder and ankle holsters as well. 
Holsters come in various shapes and customizations. They are also manufactured from various materials. For several years, the dominant material used was leather. As leather is tougher, it is used. Alternatively, nylon also has been used. 

However, since about a decade, Kydex holsters have entered the market. According to experts, it has several advantages and is used by the modern holster manufacturing companies. It is a synthetic thermoplastic material. 

They are produced in the form of sheets which vary according to size, colour and thickness. There are several benefits that Kydex holsters provide that makes it one of the most sought after holsters in the market today. 

Here are some benefits:

Durability: It is extremely hard and can withstand any kind of force applied to it.  

Waterproof: Unlike leather that can absorb moisture over time, Kydex is ideal for humid and hot areas.

Resistant to scratch: These holsters do not tear or get scratched easily.

Long lasting finish: The constant use does not wear off the finish that the holster has.

Easy to use: One must know how to remove the weapon from a holster in the time of need. Kydex facilitates this action.

Holsters are great to hold your weapon and they contribute to added safety of the carrier.


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