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05 Feb 2016
Any modern classroom setting requires properly designed furniture that can facilitate teaching-learning process, and provide flexibility to encourage group activities, discussions, assignments in pairs and also individual study or focus. 

This applies to academic institutions such as schools and colleges as well as professional training centers. Custom Multi-use classroom furniture designs are made keeping in mind the needs of today’s dynamic and flexible teaching-learning environments. This is the reason why most schools, education and training centers are opting for such furniture. 

Let us understand in detail the different features of multi-use classroom furniture and how they are turning out to be an ideal choice for education and training institutes. 

Multi-use classroom computer tables or laptop desks

These tables or desks become multi-use when students can use them to write down notes, take assignments, read text materials, use laptops or computers at will and have unobstructed sight lines in the classroom during group discussions, lecture, and demonstration. In order to meet all these objectives, multi-use computer or laptop desks/tables come with patented flip up lids or monitor mounts. 

In the case of computer desks, the flip up monitor mount allows students to rotate LCDs into a semi-recessed position so that they can view the screen and also have obstruction-free sight lines – both at the same time. In case, students need to focus on a demonstration or textbook-based learning, the computers can be instantly put away from the sight to prevent any sort of distraction.

In a case of laptop desks, the flip-up lids allow students to use laptops at will to suit different teaching-learning mode. In case a laptop is required, they can use it by positioning it freely so that they can equally focus on the instructor and classroom activities. 

If they require the complete desk or table surface for using text materials or taking notes or assignments, the flip-up lid can be closed so that it becomes a part of the table or desktop. Leading brands of multi-use classroom laptop desks feature FlipIT® laptop safes in order to offer laptop security between sessions. 

Options of single, double and triple laptop/computer desks are available to suit different classroom requirements. Different models are available to accommodate a different monitor or laptop sizes. 

Multi-use classroom podiums

In many classroom settings, the instructor or teacher need furniture that they can use as podiums during lecture; as table tops during demonstrations or referring to textbooks or notes, and also use them as laptop desks. Brands such as QuarkTM has fulfilled this need by offering a laptop table that also serves as a work space / surface when the laptop is not in use. 

The product features a patented flip-up lid to provide flexibility in laptop use and also comes with FlipIT® laptop safes. It also serves as a podium during lectures by allowing the instructor to adjust the height from sitting position to the standing position. This is a mobile laptop desk that can be moved anywhere in the classroom for providing maximum flexibility, freedom, and privacy as and when required.  

Multi-use classroom furniture is thus innovative and designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic and flexible education and training environments where multiple teaching-learning mode are used.


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